Merlot Veneto I.g.t.
Intense red wine, with a wide, penetrating and ethereal aroma, dry, characteristic and warm. It accompanies roasts of white, boiled and pork meats. Serve at a temperature of 62-66°F.
Chardonnay Garganega Veneto I.g.t.
Straw yellow color, with greenish shades. Vibrant and brilliant, it has delicate aromas of apple and apricot. Dry, fresh harmonic flavor. It accompanies hors d'oeuvres, fish dishes and cheeses. Serve fresh at 50-52°F.
Pinot Bianco Garganega Veneto I.g.t.
Straw yellow wine with vaguely greenish shades. Delicate, pleasing but rather intense and strong scent. Dry, warm, structured and substantially harmonious flavor. Serve fresh at 50-52°F. 
Rose' Veneto I.g.t.
Pink-red wine, with orange shades. Floral scent with fruity notes, fine and persistent. Flavorful taste, fresh and sapid. Matches first courses, white meat and pork. Serve at a temperature of 50-52°F.

Cabernet Sauvignon Veneto I.g.t.
Brilliant red wine with violet reflections, intense scent, pleasing. Dry, medium intense, round with good balance. It complements very good meats and game dishes, seasoned cheeses. Serve at a cellar temperature of 64-68°F.
Vino Italiano "Delizioso"
Fresh, fragrant wine, young for natural vocation. Ideal as an aperitif. Wine for conversation, is suitable for delicious first courses and fish dishes. Serve at  a temperature 50°F.