Cabernet Sauvignon Sicily I.g.p.

Bright red color, brilliant. Intense and penetrating scent that reminds the currant and blueberries, dominated by herbaceous note. Taste dry ad very elegant, it marries roast, white and red meat as well as game. Serve at a temperature of 64-68°F.

Protected Geographical Indication
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cultivated in different soils, but it prefers heavy or rich soils. The predominant land is the plain (70%) and to a lesser extent the first hill (30%).
14% in Vol.
Sicily Region - Southern Italy
The grapes are harvested at full ripeness. Then, traditional vinification with maceration more or less prolonged (some days) at controlled temperature. The average maturation period varies between 6 and 12 months.
The color is intense red with purple shades. The scent is intense, pleasing with a typically herbaceous note, especially in young types. With aging, the secondary scents are enriched up to the classic goudron. The flavor is full, dry, with medium intensity. Round and with good balance.
It is bottled using the cold sterile microfiltration technique.
It fits very well with meat and game dishes, seasoned cheeses. Serve at cellar temperature 64-68 F.