Sparkling Rose
Sparkling pink wine with orange reflections. It is accompanied by appetizers, soups, crustaceans and white meats. Great as an aperitif. Serve cold at about 8-10°C.
Typical Geographical Indication
Merlot, Pinot Noir
Preferred soils of such vines are of sedimentary, alluvial but not peaty origin. Nature is predominantly clayey, limestone and gravel.
11,5% in Vol.
Veneto Region - Northern Italy
The grapes are harvest medium late. After harvest, they are softly pressed without breaking the skin (with the purpose of having little color dissolution) and fermented slowly with selected yeasts and controlled temperature (less 20-22°C).
Medium-intensity pink wine. The fragrance is fresh, young, vinous and fruity, with hints of viole and berries. The flavor is sapid, with a slightly acidic background, where the sensations of freshness and vivacity prevail.
The bottling system is at a low temperature (around 0°), in a pressurized environment and sterile microfiltration. Bottling follows the stage of "permage" in autoclave.
Meant to be consumed young, usually within 18-24 months. I accompanies the whole meal, but it is particularly exalted with the first courses, fresh cheeses and crustaceans. Serve cool at a temperature of 8-10°C.